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Updated: Apr 27, 2021


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The "One-Click Order" module is designed specifically for those stores that can accept and process orders through their own call center or personally using their own resources.

This module reduces the number of clicks before the final order, thereby increasing the conversion of the site as a whole.

In addition, the module will be useful for those who trade impulsive goods, since a long ordering process can negatively affect sales.

The module implements a system for enabling/disabling certain fields such as name, email and phone number, so you can simplify the order form as much as possible by simplifying it even more.

We also took into account the fact that your store can operate in several countries with different telephone prefixes in the number of digits in it. Now you set the mask for the main phone, and the country code will be substituted automatically. The list of available countries is taken from the main geography settings of your store.

You can work with all orders received through the "1-Click Order" module as with regular orders in the corresponding tab, edit them, change statuses, assign payment, and so on.

The module works no matter what template is installed in your store!

--- List of changes:---

APR 27, 2021
Module update, Version 1.3
- Added a selector with a choice of country prefixes
- Added option to disable prefixes
- Updated translations

FEB 18, 2021
Module update, Version 1.2
- Added multi-store support
- Updated translations of the module for languages ​​PL, DE, FR

JAN 28, 2021
Module update, Version 1.1
- Added default delivery settings for all orders
- Added default payment settings for all orders
- Added default country settings for all orders

JAN 16, 2021
Module release, Version 1.0


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