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Updated: Jan 07, 2021


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Login with Google

Login with Facebook

Login via Vkontakte


The "Social Login" module is designed to make it easier for your customers to use the store. To enter his account, the client only needs to click once on the button of any social network in which he is registered.

Social media buttons are located on the login page. Works with any template!

Customizing social media buttons:

First, you need to upload the module by the press this button:

After installation press configures the module:

Here you can see some options, to activate any of the social login systems you need to create a unique application ID and turn on the option to display the login button.

To add the app for Facebook first go to If you are logged you see a screen like this.

Choose my apps, then press create app button.

Select last option and press continue:

Enter app name and press “save and continue”

The app is created, now need setup login to throw Facebook:

In the next window, you need to choose WWW

Then enter your store URL

Almost done, now you need only turn on your app here:

Remember this option turn on only when you enter links to your privacy policy and terms and condition.

That’s it. Now you can turn on this app

The last step, enter your App ID in the field in the module.

Go to and create a new project.

Add your domain name


And verify your ownership of this domain by following Google instructions.

After that need to create an OAuth token

Enter name of the app and enter link to terms and conditions and privacy policy pages from your store

Go to credentials and create a new one

Choose application type “Web application”

After application is created you need to edit it and insert your domain name here:

Copy these tokens in to the module fields


Go to and you see a screen like this

Connect new site

When the app is created, go to in apps manager and press the edit button

Enter all necessary links

Go to setup, change the status of your app to “Widget turn on” and copy all tokens to setup it in the module

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