Terms and conditions of use

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This agreement is copyright of the developer components; filter components; rules of the relationship between the component developer and the buyer.

Components on this site offered for purchase or use, limited to one license. Information about specific licenses, which restricts the use of the component appears on every page in the Features section.

The administration of the marketplace PrestashopMaster.com the right to change this agreement without notice to the user.

Version of the agreement: 20.03.2020.

Proprietary license with copy protection

- The main provisions of the license Each copy of a component, you can use a maximum of two domains working websites (and additionally another test subdomain on which you are testing and customization of the component before installing it to production).

- Other conditions for eligibility to use the component on additional domains are discussed separately for feedback (e.g., providing additional test subdomain or domain change of working site).

- One of the functional parts of the component code is encrypted to protect it from illegal use. Encryption code means the processing by the algorithm source code so that it becomes readable to the programmer and cannot be changed.

- The administration of the marketplace ensures that the encrypted code will not be hidden any code not related to the functions of the component and its purpose (e.g., malicious code).

 - It is forbidden to decrypt the encrypted parts of the component for modification or other purposes that are contrary to this agreement.
- See also section "General provisions".

 This type of license is intended to reduce the illegal use of components. The advantage of this license - low cost component. The disadvantage is the limitation of the used sites. Most of the owner of the online stores enough to this license.

 Proprietary license without copy protection

The main provisions of the license
- See also section "General provisions".

 This agreement, which is aimed at the needs of the customers full access to the source code modules to modify to suit your needs, and use on their own sites.
This advantage of this license. Disadvantage — higher price compared to license "Proprietary license with copy protection".

 General provisions for license types I and II

The module can be used only in two sites of the buyer, the domains which you specify when ordering. The theme of the website can only be used on one's own buyer site, a domain, which you specify when ordering.

All minor upgrades of component - free. Component update to a new major version is paid. The cost of this update equal to the full cost of a new major version. Information about the new version of the component is published in the section "change History".

The revision of the component for specific customer needs not included in free support and is in agreement with the developer.

Buying component involves a careful study of the description of the component and the license agreement under which it is sold, and if you have any questions the buyer should ask the developer before making a purchase. Payment of an order indicates the unconditional acceptance of this agreement.

Materials transferred to the buyer by E-mail or downloaded via the personal Cabinet (components, documentation, etc.) are non-refundable.

After ordering and payment component, it is available for download in your account in under orders. Some components cannot be downloaded through your personal account as they are delivered by E-mail. If you have ordered one of these components, the buyer should expect a message by Email with the appropriate attachment. Delivery of E-mail is made manually by the developer in the working days, so there's always a delay of up to several hours.

It is prohibited to resell to third parties, share of the purchased component or to publish parts of the source component, both encrypted and open.

It is prohibited to use the component in the composition of the unofficial releases (builds) of the system of PrestaShop distributed in any way (by subscription, paid or free, etc.).

It is prohibited to remove or change any information about the author and module (logo, license agreement, etc.).

In case of violation, the buyer component of this agreement, the component developer has the right to refuse support, informing about the specific reason.

The component is guaranteed with those versions of PrestaShop, which are listed on the feature page, where you'll find a full description of him.

If the buyer acquired a component that is not compatible with the version of PrestaShop that it uses, it is not a reason for cancellation of order and refund of payment. The component upgrade is performed in agreement with the developer. As a rule, this update is minor. Typically, the update component sometimes requires considerable time and follow the upgrade plan, which is developed by.

Critical problems with the component (bugs that cause it to stop PrestaShop, its incorrect behavior) on PrestaShop versions listed as compatible, are fixed by the component developer not later than 14 working days. If the developer cannot resolve the issue, the buyer component of the right not to wait for the patch and request a refund.

When incorrect operation of the component (non-critical) on PrestaShop versions listed as compatible on the description page of the component, the component developer is Troubleshooting at its own discretion and plan updates.

Reimbursement for components or services are not performed, except in cases where the parties – developer and buyer come to a common opinion in the decision of the arisen disagreements. Resolution of disputes is made through internal messages in the marketplace using a feedback mechanism. Refund is a last resort when a critical error component is not corrected by the developer. Errors associated with the site of the buyer, which do not allow the component developer to not work correctly are the reason for refund. There is a case where the refund component can be produced, the critical problem with the component that are not corrected by the developer. Condition for a refund request filed no later than 28 working days. The component developer and the administration of the marketplace is not responsible for the client's desire to purchase incompatible or inappropriate for component (carelessness of the buyer or failure of understanding the suitability of the component - this is not the case for refund).

When the decision is ambiguous (conflict) situation between the parties (buyer and developer), administration of the marketplace takes into account the correspondence of the parties, which is accomplished only through the feedback mechanism of the marketplace.

Failure to comply with the agreement, the apparent disrespect of the administration of the marketplace, the component developers or buyers, the administration of the marketplace the right to restrict access to the website destructive to the user, including the temporary or permanent blocking of the account, leading to the inability for the buyer to download component updates and receive support for the previously purchased components and developed components to sell.

 III. Open Source license

The components under this license is published under a free license code, for example Open Software License (OSL 3.0). Following the license code of the component is free to download and use the components under this license, and to make useful changes to the component via services such as GitHub or otherwise to participate in the development of the component (publish problems, enhancement requests, etc.).

This new agreement aims to increase the contribution to the development of PrestaShop and its components; the increase in developers and increase their level of competence related to PrestaShop; improving the quality and quantity of free modules for PrestaShop, necessary for the development of e-Commerce.

Terms and definitions

PrestaShop - website management system to create an online store.

 Marketplace (or the marketplace PrestashopMaster) refers to this website (that is, prestashopmaster.com), allowing to place the software components for PrestaShop for sale, as well as scripts and services.

 Prestashop Master – name system to host digital products.

 A component (extension) — part of PrestaShop (component, topic of the site template to something) or script. Component or script— digital products.
The seller – the developer (or author) of components and provider of services listed on the website of the marketplace.

 Domain is symbolic name used to access the site through the browser.

 The home page of the component – section on this site dedicated to a specific component.

 Module for PrestaShop software component that implements some business logic in a programming language that is used in PrestaShop.

 The theme of the website — a set of templates that change the appearance of pages.

 A template is a file that changes a single page or some pieces of some page.

 Working days of the administration of the marketplace and the developer components — Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. On their own component developers can work on weekends and public holidays.

Minor version and major version component serial IDs to indicate significance of changes between different stages of the development lifecycle of the program. These changes are classified by significance levels (see figure) is a major part of the identifier (significant changes in functionality) and a minor part (minor changes, correction of deficiencies).